Retreat Testimonials


Thank you Madonna for your inspiration, dedication and encouragement to explore my truth , wellbeing and happiness. The one day retreat started with Yoga classes under the tree in the local park and prepared me to receive many benefits. Your beautiful yoga temple provided such a sacred and safe space to quide me through a kundalini practise and meditation. The chakra exercises were very thought provoking , emotional and positive. Yin Yoga and massage in the afternoon was total bliss! The meals you provided were delicious and nourishing and the day was such a gift to me, providing me with more peace, balance, energy and love. Forever grateful to you.

— Jocelyn

I can't thank you and your team of angels enough for the nurturing, wisdom and guidance I received over what feels like an eternity but was only 3 days. Tallow's a perfect combination of nature and nurture .. I still can't believe the girls caught a wave with a turtle (karmic gift).

— Karen

I came with the intention of learning how to relax, release tension and not be so self-conscious. Now I feel absolutely amazing and more confident. The highlight for me was doing beach & acro yoga with one arm up! I honestly didn't think I had the physical power to do it. It has given me a fabulous feeling of strength.

— Kathie

I walk away with lots of joy and love to share with everyone in my life. The yoga both in the Shala and on the beach was an absolute highlight.

— Mel

I had a recent scary experience where I ended up in emergency due to stress. So this retreat was all about healing my mind and body. I feel really good and that I can now cope with anything. The highlight was the lake cleanse and letting go of negativity, then doing the handstands because I didn't think I could. This made feel so light & amazing.

— Christine

My intention was to let go and stop being so busy. Now I have found inner calm and peace. My highlight (there's been many) was Kundalini because i was able to do it and it was strengthening. Also, the love from everyone and Madonnas strength & passion is beautiful.

— Allison

The venue is absolutely beautiful & the food is amazing. I have found my happy place. The highlight was Kundalini yoga and flying on the beach. I now remember that kundalini is absolutely the orgasm of yoga.

— Karen K

I came to find clarity and let go of self-doubt, fears & judgement. I now feel nourished, empowerd and full of love. My highlight was finding my way back to nature and feeling the sun on my face everyday and the kundalini for sure, it brought a warmth to my heart.

— Keely